Social Responsibility

Our approach to maintaining the most fuel-efficient fleet is based on a long-term commitment to testing new technologies and implementing operating policies to conserve fuel.

Caring for The Environment

Our commitment and long-term goal is to be recognized as an environmentally responsible company by reducing carbon footprint through fuel-savings technology and improvements in operating efficiencies.

Our contribution is in our investment in the best-in-class vehicles Mercedes Actros and in latest technologies as "Fleet Board" & "Drive Cam" Management Systems. These top of the range assets enables substantial reductions in fleet fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 20%.

As part of our commitment to excellence we participate in an annual global event, "FleetBoard Driver's League", this "green" competition for transport and logistics companies allows our drivers skills to be showcased and their performance to be measured systematically with the absolute best in the world against a series of environmentally-friendly measures.