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Zero Accidents

From day one safety is the number one priority at Transafe Logistics LLC. In conjunction with state-of-the-art technology we have implemented international best practice systems and processes to ensure that our people and our customers' valuable assets remain safe at all times.

A Safety Focused Organization Driven By Technology:

Transafe has invested in the latest technologies available within the transport field to enhance Safety, Reliability & Efficiency.
Our "Fleet Board" & "Drive Cam" Management Systems allows us and our customers to see exactly where there cargo is on the ground in real time.
By giving access to our customers they have the ability to see the exact location of their cargo from their own offices. The actual real time position of each vehicle is identified.

The major advantage is that wherever you have a mobile network you also have a connection to your cargo. Our systems also allow our customers to track driver performance including behaviors if they wish, we believe in transparency and that a collective effort produces higher quality outcomes.